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Oh, the magic of spring — soon to be. Didn’t we have that in February? Unless the recent frosty, snowy, hail-ridden weather has wiped out blooming fruit tree buds, orchards and gardens will soon be …

(Beyond Pesticides, June 9, 2020) EPA has received applications from the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia for the “emergency” use of the bee-toxic neonicotinoid insecticide dinotefuran

Straight Outta Westfield The housemates were gathered … Travelodge and chucked Angela in there with a box of Lipton and a "control desk" that wasn’t plugged in to the mains.

New London Oh Bee Removal Bees living inside one of London’s oldest trees have given the … which was to be relocated before the tree’s
Caledonia Oh Bee Exterminator In the course of regular bee keeping I get stung maybe five … And any homeowner who has a lawn

The growers competing in the Hempathon are growing a wide variety of CBD cultivars such as Westfield … organic farming practices, bees and predator pest control, soil amendments, cloning …